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Frankie Condon Orchestra

Preserving the Frankie Condon Orchestra -
A Community Endeavor:

  • The Frankie Condon Orchestra is a Washington, DC iconic original

  • As a very young and talented musician, Frankie Condon began his illustrious career with the legendary Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra

  • For over five decades the FC orchestra performed in the DC area and toured the East Coast

  • Syndicated radio personality, Don Kennedy, declared the FC Orchestra to be one of the region’s finest big bands

  • In 2006, The Kennedy Center honored Frankie Condon and paid tribute to his legendary orchestra

Sustaining the Richness of Swing Music in the 21st Century:
  • During the Big Band Era (1935 - 1945), each orchestra was identified by its own distinctive sound

  • To gain recognition, orchestras had to rehearse several hours per day

  • The name and exceptional talent of the bandleader provided the orchestra its own specific musical brand

  • Intricate, custom written musical arrangements supplied a big band with its unique personality

  • The Frankie Condon Orchestra effectively preserves the above-mentioned essential qualities

Inside the Frankie Condon Orchestra:
  • Many performers are active or retired members of military bands

  • Exceptionally talented younger musicians may perform within the band as well

  • Orchestration: 4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones, 5 Saxes, Piano, Drums, Bass, Guitar

Frankie Condon Estate:
Fermata Eclectic has partnered with the Condon Estate to preserve and celebrate this priceless piece of historic Americana. FE intends to build its programs on the foundation of the band.
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Listen to the Frankie Condon Orchestra:

Frankie Condon Orchestra - 1946

"The orchestra's purpose is to perpetuate
the original big band sound and ensure that
we keep this exciting music alive."

~Frankie Condon~

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In Appreciation
The the musical arrangements of the Frankie Condon Orchestra are a generous donation of the Frankie Condon estate with the gracious cooperation of Jackie Condatore.
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