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Opera at the Bistro

The Situation:

Although the opera vocalist may have graduated with a degree in music, she (or he) might have had to make the difficult choice between his (or her) profession and a potential career in music.

The Opportunity:
You, or someone you know, may contribute to this community of creativity by presenting your talent at an extraordinary Fermata Eclectic theme-based Evening at the Opera event in the Washington, DC area.

As Fermata Eclectic grows, however, the invitation will be extended to exceptional musically talented operatic vocalists throughout the United States.

The Qualifications:
  • Age 18 and Up
  • Have a degree in (or have seriously studied) operatic musical performance
  • Display exceptional classically-trained talent
  • Be an amateur (in the best sense of the word)

The Process:
  • Submit a bio, photo, CD recording, 18-months performance history
  • Include a reference letter from an instructor or someone in the music profession (include contact information)
  • Submit to a screening audition
  • Add any items from the press (optional)

Musical Format:
  • Opera

The Promise:

Fermata Eclectic aims to provide community stages for exceptional, classically trained operatic vocalists to achieve their musical dreams while bringing quality music and entertainment to our community.

Not as those who "dabble," but as those who sing opera music as a serious pastime rather than as a profession. Also, those with extensive public performing experience as well as to those who have spent many hours playing mostly for their own enjoyment or for the pleasure of friends, family, and their local community.

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"Opera starts in my imagination, it
becomes my life, and it stays part
of my life long after I've left the
opera house."

 ~Maria Callas~

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