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Pate Painters

Eight Award Winning Artists

With Woks Displayed in
Public and Private Collections and Galleries

Throughout the United States and Europe

Artwork is available for purchase at Fermata Eclectic's Valentine's Gala. Please feel free to indulge your artistic palette.

Fermata Eclectic is very pleased to have the Pate Painters display their works of art at it's Valentine's Big Band Dance Gala.

†Founding Members
  • Debra Halprin
  • Julie Smith
  • Carol Bouville
  • Lieta Gerson
†All founding members were accepted into the prestigious 2009 BWS Mid Atlantic Show at Strathmore Hall, with only 90 artists accepted out of 500 applicants.

Displaying Members 11th February 2011
  • Debra Halprin
  • Marian Mackerer
  • Michael Shibley
  • Julie Smith
  • Mizi Kiper
  • Pat Mulvenna
  • Carol Bouville
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Field of Poppies, by Debra Halprin

Fermata Eclectic wishes to express
sincere appreciation to Debra Halprin
for her generous and willing assistance
in bringing the wonderful art of Pate
Painters to our Valentine's event.

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